Cynthia Cohen International Ministries


The Word of the Lord came to Bishop Arthur W. Ramsey Jr., and said, “I want you to build a church.” The Body of Christ Christian Center was incorporated by Senior Pastor Arthur W. Ramsey Jr., Executive Director Andrea Ramsey and Financial Director Lesa R. Davis in 1998. Arthur and Andrea Ramsey are proud parents of five children.


The Silent Years….

In 1998 worship services began in the family room of the home of Pastor Arthur W. Ramsey Jr., and later moved to the Katy Cavins Center in January 2000, located at 308 East Fifth Street in O’Fallon, Illinois.


On December 31, 2002 the church office was dedicated and was located at 517 West Highway 50 in O’Fallon, Illinois. On January 17, 2003, The Body of Christ became a member of the International Covenant Ministries. CDCM is a covenant fellowship of ministries helping each other maximize their visions. Which is currently called CDCM, Dr. Creflo Dollar of World Changers Church International is the President and Founder.


Through faithfulness and obedience to the Heavenly father, the Body of Christ Christian Center continued to experience fruitful progress toward the vision God had given them.


Special Forces…..

As an anointed ministry ordained by God to be an “out-of-the-box”, “special forces” church, with the help of the Holy Spirit we continued to rescue the ones Jesus shed His blood for from poverty, sickness and spiritual death.


The year is 2004 and the outreach ministries had grown to include a clothing exchange closet and food pantry which was located at 111 West State Street in O’Fallon, Illinois.


When the whistles Blows……..

However, when the train whistle blew, the floors would shake. The leaders being concerned for the safety of the congregation (who needed stable floors to shout on) decided to move to a more feasible facility that would house the growing congregation, the office and the outreach ministries to 507 West State Street in 2007.


Let the Chairs Remain…..

After many years of folding and unfolding chairs for worship services, the chairs can remain on the floor for Wednesday night services too! After a temporary stay at that location, the next few years until 2014 were serviced by the Ramada Inn in Fairview Heights, Illinois until their closing.


We’re Still Standing……

To our family, friends, partners and supporters-past, present and future our locations may have changed, but the vision remains. January 2015 by the glory of God we moved into our permanent home 101 Carson Drive O’Fallon, Illinois. Yes, we’re still standing by the grace of God!